At Salt Youth Place, we provide a diverse range of educational resources, including interactive learning materials, and access to experienced educators, to foster holistic development and inspire curiosity in preschool and elementary school children.


At Salt Youth Place, we host engaging and educational events on a regular basis to provide enriching experiences for the children and foster community involvement.


Salt Youth Place offers comprehensive homework assistance, personalized tutoring, impactful mentoring, and immersive cultural arts programs to empower and enrich children’s educational experiences.


Empower and Elevate: Unleash the Champion Within through Sports and Mentorship!


The demand for after-school programs and summer camps has grown as more families have two working parents or single parents who must leave the house when their kids finish school. Children can participate in planned activities after school but before the regular workday is over through out-of-school programs. Additional, parents still must work an 9to 5 job even though school may be difficult for parents to fill these hours and locate a location where their kids can be looked after, have fun, study, retain what they already learned in school. Schools and organizations have developed programs that involve children in valuable, enjoyable, and instructive activities due to the need and popularity of afterschool care for elementary-aged kids.

Unfortunately, the services offered to our youth and families in low income communities are not always of high-quality or even saf e. Salt Youth Place Inc. provides a safe high-qulaity place for the child of our community to go and where they may enjoy activities that will broiaden their minds and receive additional support.

Salt Youth Place Inc. was established as a non profit to provide our community youth and families with a path to achieve their goals. As we serve children and youth of all  ages our programs encompass a broad a range of focus areas including homework assistance, tutoring, cultural arts , and youth community engagement.

school hours

Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 6:00 closed on all national holidays (DCPS calendar)


P.O. Box 14777 Jax FL 32238





Home Work Assistance

Providing help with schoolwork can
encourage our youth to establish healthy study habits.
We set aside the appropriate time and location and help to ensure
that each youth completes their homework thoroughly and
To monitor our youth’s progress with their homework.


Qualified, experienced tutors run our tutoring program,
so our students always receive the best tutor. Our tutors
communicate with their respective school’s teachers while working
one-on-one with our youth in the comfort of the center.
Our goal is to improve student’s reading and math abilities in school.

 Cultural Arts

Our program offers arts like music, theatre, and
dance that are instruments that support the growth of the mind and
body of our young people, cultivate emotions, and symbolize and
reflect societal norms and values. Through the creative inquiry of
the arts, we can better understand the world in which we live.
Every student should have the chance to engage in various artistic
mediums to develop their creativity.

Student Resources

  • Unlock Their Potential: Homework and Tutoring Support
  • Empower and Elevate: Sports and Mentorship Program
  • Ignite Creativity Cultural Arts workshops
  • Nature’s Wonder Environmental Learning Activities
  • Community Connections Regular Educational Events

Money Matters

Practical financial lessons to teach young people
to improve their quality of life as they grow into young adults.

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